5 minutes on foot from the Imaihama Beach! A natural hot spring that relieves the seasonal flavor and fatigue of fresh Izu! For dinner, enjoy Izu sea and mountain food in your room! Enjoy a peaceful holiday!

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109 Midaka, Kawazu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

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By car from Numazu IC via Shuzenji 1 hour 40 minutes On train by Atami 75 minutes by IZUKYU 5 minutes on foot from Imaihama-Kaigan Station
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Customer favorable! Izu Imaihama Onsen Here is a Kokoro Nodoka to recommend

  • No. 1, Illuminations shining, Chatter hot spring open-air bath!

    When you press the “button” in the open-air bath,
    Illumination shines.
    Because you can use for private use, you can relax and enjoy hot springs with your family / couple
    It is a popular bath.

    ☆★Please relax the moment that remains in the memories★☆
  • Second place, cuisine sticking to local seasonal ingredients

    Izu is a treasure trove of rich foods including seafood and mountain cookies.At sea, Kimmee, Japanese Spiny Lobster,
    Abalone and mountain, you can taste Amagi's wasabi and crab meat. The picture is boiled in the form of Izu specialty kimme sea bream!
  • No. 3, the Pacific Ocean from the room and the Izu Seven Islands

    You can overlook the Pacific Ocean from most of the rooms in the hotel.
    If the weather is okay, you can also see Izu Seven Islands!

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