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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Car parking is possible before and after check-in.

    From now on Imaihama will be in the sea bathing season.
    You can park your car before check-in or after check-in at the hotel.
    Also, you can Continue reading
  • About facial cleansing

    We are preparing facial cleansing on the dressing room.
    Please use it freely.
  • Is there no hair dryer in the bathroom?

    The hotel's private bathroom is private, so in order to be used by many customers,
    Hair dryer is not prepared in the bathroom.
    We are in theContinue reading
  • ☆We installed a sanitary bag in the bathroom.

    We installed a sanitary bag in the dressing room of our private outdoor bath.
  • ·Are there services for anniversaries?

    We have a memorial day plan.
  • ·Do you communicate with mobile phones?

    It's okay.
  • ·Please tell me about the beauty salon and massage

    We will arrange for massage.
  • ·Can I get a courier from the hotel?

    Yes, I can send it.
  • ·Can I send my luggage to the hotel first?

    Yes, I will keep it.
  • ·Could you keep my bags after checking out?

    Yes, I will keep it.
  • ·Could you keep my luggage before check-in?

    Yes, I will keep it.
  • ·Is there a place to save money?

    It is not in the facility
  • ·Can I use a credit card?

    You can use, (Some special plan are cashing)
  • ·Can I exchange foreign currency?

    Unfortunately, I have not done it
  • ·Please tell me about the tourist attractions in the surrounding area

    Sorry to trouble you, but please look around sightseeing information
  • ·Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    On foot, 5 minutes to Y shop, there is a 7-Eleven by car 5 minutes.
  • ·What kind of activities can you do for the current time?

    Facilities such as diving, horseback riding, paragliding are in the vicinity.
  • ·Could you arrange for a tennis court or gym?

    We will introduce you, please contact us.
  • ·Is there a golf course nearby?

    Inatori Golf Club is about 20 minutes away by car.
  • ·Can you stay with pets?

    Pets are not allowed in the facilities.
  • ·Can I change if I have food allergies?

    We will change, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • ·Is there meal for children?

    We can prepare infant food, children's meal.
  • ·Is there a yukata for children?

    Yes, we are preparing.
  • ·Do you have additional meals on the day?

    Unfortunately, thank you one day before.
  • ·Can I reserve breakfast on check-in day?

    Yes, we accept.
  • ·Please tell me the time for dinner / breakfast

    Dinner is at 18:00.Breakfast is served at 8:30.If your arrival is delayed, if departure is early, please contact us.
  • ·Please tell me about the size of the room

    Wide-edged, 14 square meters, Between 18 square meters.There are wide edges, between 10 sq.m and 18 sq m
  • ·How is the view from the room? What do you see?

    There are rooms with sea view and rooms on the mountain side.
  • ·Can you eat in the room?

    For dinner, room meal.Breakfast is a hall.I am asking you.If you have a request, you can bring breakfast to your room.
  • ·Please tell me the check in time and check out time

    Check in from 15:00 to check out ~ 11: 00

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.