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Overnight Stay Plan

に Please go into natural spa and remove daily fatigue · stress.For meals, please enjoy Yamanoyuki Seafood mainly with fresh fish caught in the local Izu sea.

Recommended accommodation plan

  • Izu's Seafood Three Major Tastes "Japanese Spiny Lobster" "Awabi" "Kimme Tain"! 【Popular 29(Difficulty)Plan】

    Izu three popular seafood "Japanese Spiny Lobster", "Abalone" and "Kimme Taiya" in Izu!

    Benefits 1) Room rate is two persons on weekdays 29,000 yen (consumption tax · hot spring tax included)
    Benefits 2) Meat (29) with cold shabu salad!
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  • 【Fishing / Golf / Diving & Hot Spring Fun Leisure plan】Check in till 21 o'clock! One-day hot spring bathing with breakfast!

    Izu those who are considering going to Izu for golf, fishing, diving
    Have not you thought that it was a couple because you are not having fun just by yourself?
    In those cases recommendation is here! "Leger plan"! Recommended!

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  • 【Approximately 10,000 yen(ALL Tax included)Plan(One day per day Weekday only)】Ri Big Funamori of Izu Shun'irodori local fish, With a kimme sea bream steak!

    Discount plan Shun'irodori cuisine of Izu can enjoy
    Check in is 15 o'clock so put your luggage early and take a walk around!
    After that, how about a healing healing that heals the body with hot springs and heals his heart with dinner?
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  • ★Limited to Weekdays★Dinner is not at all worrying but relaxing room meals☆A toast with gold eye stew + akogoshino sake☆

    ◆◆◆Dinner is a room plan【Limited to Weekdays】◆◆

    【plan benefit】
    ·Dinner is a room, private space of only two people who are not disturbed by anyone
    ·For 1 person plus 1080 yen, breakfast can be changed to room meal.
    ·Private outdoor bath 24 houContinue reading
  • One room per day only! 】Free 'hot spring' private bath and kinme stew with seafood sashimi & 7 sashimi! <1 person OK>

    ■, One room only! Prepare a great plan!
    ■Of course, popular 'Kimme sea bream's boiling' attaches to dinner very profitable!
    ■, The room will be a 10 square meter room on the mountain side.
    ■, Payment on site will be only "cash".

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  • "Stay by yourself" Budgetary traveling alone plan trip【Free Private Open Air Bath】

    ~If you anticipate it's a good thing! Accommodation plan for those who can act immediately~
    Dinner · Breakfast will be relaxing in the room and enjoy.
    Women can also use it with confidence>

    【Special Advantages】
    ★Private outdoor bath 24 hours frContinue reading